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Quick and Easy Vegetable Lasagne

Today's recipe is a timeless classic - vegetarian lasagne. When I first started to learn how to cook I always wanted to learn how to make a tasty lasagne dish. For me, lasagne is a staple dish and with the right recipe it is a type of a dish that you can make for any occasion. There are so many lasagne recipes out there, some are more or less complicated than others. To get my lasagne to taste the way it does I tried a number of variations until I was happy with the results. I think the trick is in trying to recreate the original lasagne recipes - but instead of using animal meat, replace it with a soya alternative. In my recipe I use Quorn Mince. I find it tastes delicious, the texture is very good and it's also well seasoned which adds to the overall taste of the dish. I tend to get most, if not all of the ingredients in m y local Tesco .    What you'll need:                         The cooking process 1. Pre-heat the oven to 200° C/ 392° F/ Gas 6. Start with dicing the o

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